About KWoC

KWoC (Kharagpur Winter Of Code) is an annual open source program conducted by Kharagpur Open Source Society, IIT Kharagpur. It is a five week long program that runs during the month of December. It is aimed at promoting open source participation and helping students prepare for events like GSoC.

About Me

I am a second-year undergraduate student from the department of electrical engineering. I’ve had experience with coding since a few years now and my areas of interest are Machine Learning and Image Processing. Still, the area of open source contributions was new to me before entering KWoC. Before I decided to join KWoC, I was doing a specialization on Algorithms and Data Structures on Coursera, to refine my CP skills and prepare for CDC, which led me to choose the project I chose.

#KWoC Precedings

Before entering KWoC, I had to install Git in Ubuntu, which was new to me. To get introduced to the same, I skimmed through CodeCademy’s Git course and got a fair bit of idea on the basic Git workflow, backtracking, and creating pull requests. With this I was all set to entering KWoC.


I had enrolled into KWoC and now it was time to choose the project on which I was to work. As there were soo many projects, it was very confusing to narrow down to one or two. As I was also newly getting introduced to the world of competitive programming, I decided to so chose Leet-code problems as the project I wanted to contribute to. It is a repository for the solutions of various Leetcode problems. It was started with the aim of making a nice database of various leetcode problems in C++.

Summary Of Contributions

As the repository had been around for quite a some time, solutions to most of the easy and medium level problems were already uploaded to the database. Finding problems on Leetcode website whose solutions weren’t already available in the database was a rather cumbersome task, but once found, solving them by implementing my recently learnt skills was indulging. During the KWoC period, I was able to contribute by solving 11 medium level problems.

Merged PRs Report

#First Pull Request

As it was my first ever Pull Request, I chose a very easy problem from leetcode database which was not already solved in the repository, to get a quick estimate as to what problems one might encounter in the process.

Initially my ubuntu terminal was not able to access my forked repository using https while cloning. After some digging, I realized that I had not fully removed the proxy settings in ubuntu after coming home from campus. After this was resolved I was successfully able to create my first PR without further hiccups.

As my new branch vedu2254:new-branch did not have any conflicts with the main shruti170901:master, my PR was accepted which and added one commit to my contribution. Then I set on to solve more problems to contribute to the repository.

#2ⁿᵈ and 3ʳᵈ PRs

After this when I got the gist of how the project had to be contributed, I went on to finding unsolved problems in leetcode and solving them to add to the repository.

In the next PR, I uploaded the solution to thekeyboard_rowproblem and in the PR after that, I added 10 more solutions in a single PR, thus concluding my contribution to the project.

#Final Thoughts

My KWoC Experience

KWoC has granted me with tremendous learning opportunities; from learning the basics of git commands to introducing me to the domains of CP and OpenSource. I also had the privilige of meeting some of the highly motivated and enthusiastic people contributing alongside with me in the project. It was a bliss to see how everyone wanted to grasp the learning opportunities at earliest and cleared up issues as soon as they popped. I’m blessed to have such a group to learn from for in my winter break and I’m thankful to KOSS for the same.